Healthcare Service Improve Patient Care yellow-shape with Digital Healthcare

Doctors can analyze the patients by reports provided by ammie. Patients can send notifications to their doctor or caretaker in case of any emergency.

  • Tracks key clinical values and share insights, suggestion with patient and clinics
  • Notifications and regular reports can be sent to private practitioners and caretakers
  • Helps to treat children's, depressed patients and mentally disabled patients
  • Understands human emotions, facial expressions and patient mood
  • Check your preferred doctor’s availability and book an appointment

Emotion & Behaviour Analyser

ammie is coupled with Deep-tech and Hi-tech knowledge along with AI technology to help doctors and caretakers to understand patient condition through their voice patterns, emotion and behaviour. This helps doctors and caretakers to provide better patient care.

  • Patient are identified using Facial Recognition
  • Feedback are recorded based on the categorization
  • Works well with different ethnicities, dark complexion
  • Patient behaviour analytics helps doctors in treating patient
  • Predictive analysis based on wrinkle patterns

Elderly Care

Its humanized engagement and delivering 24/7 hyper-personalized help acts as a better companion and patient don’t feel loneliness.

  • Helps to detect fall and calls for help immediately
  • Patients can indicate their pain through body image in the application
  • Tracking through IoT device and can be a non-camera device

Easy Integration

It helps patients loved ones to understand their health condition and provide help when required.

  • Monitor temperature, blood pressure by integrating third party devices