Lifelike conversational AI for your brand experiences.

ammie is the leading platform for transforming how people interact with organizations through extensible conversational AI Now with GPT integration.

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Key Features

No code platform : Hassle free Installation, embedding simple script makes it usable on almost any platform

Omni Channel: Easy Integration with other chat services like SMS, WhatsApp, Email etc. creates an unified support platform

Brand customization is a key feature of our chat platform that allows our clients to personalize their chat window with their brand's logo, colors, and avatar.

Multilingual AI Chatbot : Communicate with users in multiple languages, providing a seamless experience for users who may speak different languages.

Rich media support : Provide users with images, videos, animations, and other interactive features that make the conversation more engaging and dynamic.

Advanced NLP, NLU and machine learning capabilities

Action driven events: Schedule appointments and meetings, reducing the effort needed for staff and increasing efficiency.

3rd Party API support

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Customized According To Industries

It integrates with any chatbot, natural language processing (NLP), or conversational AI platform according to preferred Industry. It provides dynamic, real-time interactions with your customers. To provide both better customer service and customer experience.

ammie AI framework ammie AI framework

ammie AI Framework

ammie AI framework comes with ready to use no code features with advanced analytics. 

Our Natural Language Understanding (NLU) engine deconstructs human speech using trained algorithms to understand the complex sentiment and pull out emotion, effort, intent, motive, intensity, and make inferences and suggestions as a result.

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Artificial Intelligence
Chat GPT
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Metaverse And Human OS Platform

It is a goodness of human and machine collaboration. We combine human conversations with revolutionary technology to create the most lifelike and dynamically interactive experiences.

It can also be used as synthetic avatar which enables the creation of life-like virtual personas for digital use, either as representations of real people or as embodied AI.

Metaverse And Human OS Platform Metaverse And Human OS Platform
human and machine collaboration
Artificial Intelligence
Chat GPT
ai avatar
Computer Vision

Digital DNA Studio

We help you to create your digital avatar for a more personalized online experience for your customer. We allow you to choose your avatar from a variety of options.

Then select your preferred language and train them to be more human-like. And finally, build a UI to host the avatar. It carries out tasks such as handling service requests and controlling the workplace smart devices.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital Human OS Platform
  • Computer Vision Capabilities
  • Conversational Flow-Voice
  • Natural Language Understanding

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