Your Personal Healthcare Assistant

Ammie is a AI based humanized chatbot which can understand, track, assess and react. It is trained in different technologies to master in healthcare knowledge to assess the patient health data. It is carefully structured and intuitively designed for the ease of use.

Appointment Scheduler

Allow patients to schedule their appointments easily with user-friendly forms. It’s really simple with automatic reminders, custom calendar views, colour coding and one-click scheduling.

Emotion Analyzer

It helps to identify patient emotions from facial expressions and tell the underlying emotion: Happy, Sad, Angry, Fearful, Excited or Bored.


Conducts automated and holistic diagnosis, with AI for medical diagnosis-related technology and direct patients to the right care.

Fall Detection

A wearable device is placed on patient. This device helps to detect the patient falling. Then it will send a notification along with patient’s geographic location to the caregivers.

Manage and Track Patient Record

Manage and track patient records using an automated tracking process that eases staff woes and considerably reduces turn-around time.

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