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Serving Humanity through Artificial Intelligence

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Hubinobinds with  UNTIL to develop a tactical partnership for creating global level research in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, and Data Sciences. Hubino feels happy and proud in serving humanity through artificial intelligence in association with  UNTIL. With a motive of focusing on humanity’s most pressing needs, UN Technology Innovation Labs are designed such that focusing on the use of innovative technology to move humanity forward and faster.

United Nations Technology Innovation Labs (UNTIL)

Leveraging emerging technology to transform societies, nations, and humanity as a whole.

UNTIL functions based on different humanitarian themes like peace and security, development, Human rights, International law, Humanitarian affairs. The Labs use Artificial intelligence, Blockchain, the Internet of Things, FinTech, and other high-tech tools to develop technology solutions that will be available globally.

The partnership between Hubino and UNTIL –The green signal

Hubino’s expertise in the area of Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Data Sciences, and UNTIL’s emerging technology paired up. Both the parties put forth their ideas in bringing out an Innovation center to transform the societies for a better humanity. When the ideas were accepted by each of the parties, the green flag waved.

Hubino and UNTIL duly signed the partnership agreement on Oct 31, 2018

The partnership between Hubino and UNTIL – Way forward

The destination to be achieved was to set up an Innovation center focusing on the immediate needs of the society. The support in areas like Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Data Science for the establishing center was provided by Hubino team. Not only these, but the parties decided to also work on the exchange of business use cases, real-time expertise, exploration of possibilities for developing joint research projects, labs setups, and collaborations.

After achieving their mission and amplifying their reach and understanding different ways to establish this common purpose, the project was all set for its kick start.

This goal of the UN Technology Innovation Labs to function as a start-up environment and create a platform for collaborative problem solving had indeed provided a great opportunity for the Hubino team to develop themselves and to explore new creative areas.

Let’s join hands in Serving Humanity through Artificial Intelligence!

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