What Colors should you use in Marketing?
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What Colors should you use in Marketing?

by admin

Gray – Balance Neutral Calm

Seen as practical, timeless, and solid conservative, security and reliability

Yellow – Optimism Clarity Warmth

Often used to grab attention of window shoppers

Orange – Confidence Cheerful Friendly

Creates a call to action subscribe, buy or sell; can be seen as aggressive

Red – Bold Youthful Excitement

Energy increases heart rate. Creates urgency often seen in clearance sales

Black – Credible Powerful Professional

Powerful and sleek used to market luxury brands definite, strength, precise, and direct

Purple – Wise Creative Imaginative

Used to calm and soothe. Often seen in beauty or anti-aging products

Blue – Trust Strength Dependable

Clean, calming, focused, and professional creates the sensation of trust and security

Green – Peaceful Growth Health 

Instructional, adventurous, ecological and calming. Associated with wealth the easiest color for the eye to process

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