• Real time customer feedback recording
  • Customer behavior analytics- Customers emotions during waiting time to get serviced
  • To know the interest levels of employees during working hours
Emotion Analyzer

  • Virtual Assistant supports customers to per-form transactions in online banking
  • Text/Voice based interaction and language support for customers convenience
  • Can assist in forming the smart queuing to get serviced using token generation
  • Alerts customer on their turn with counter to visit
  • Can assist in different types of service enquiry
  • Training and certification process on products
human avatar

  • Enhances the security manifold through surveillance
  • Threat Response systems to recognize unusual objects like masked heads, guns and trigger notifications
  • Two factor authentication using FR in banking application/accessing lockers/ATM
  • Can form the crowd analytics out of customers
  • Accident proof location sharing for claims with insurance
  • Attendance system for the employees through facial recognition
  • Video KYC system to avoid manual errors on the banking side
Computer Vision

  • Helps to train your employees
  • Enhancing the digital experience for the customer like usage of money depositing machine
  • Acts as a guidance and recommendation system
  • Virtual product & service manual

  • Tracking of assets/casestudies in a bank
  • Can form analytics out of employees to find their efficiency
  • Push notifications to alert customers on FD interest rates, different types of loan, mortgages
  • Energy efficient handling system to on/off electrical gadgets
  • Notification Alert system for unauthorized persons gaining entry to restricted areas
  • Avoid waiting time in bank using Smart queuing system through banking application (Web/ Mobile)

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