• Using facial observational science, emotions are analysed
  • Real-time reliable feedback of employees
  • Interest levels of employees to different tasks are assessed
Emotion Analyzer

  • Text/Voice based interaction making it easier for the employees to know more on organizational information
  • Can act as the virtual receptionist engaging visitors
  • This can assist new employees in the induction program
  • Training and certification process on products
human avatar

  • Aid in deploying structures using markers
  • Identifies the changes that happens in the environment
  • Recognizes the employees of the organization
  • Easy attendance system
  • Prevents unauthorized access to restricted areas
  • Using drone we can capture and stitch images to form a single view (Eg. Find turbidity in sea)

  • Assist employees to train to work in different machineries
  • Assist employees to train in incorporating safety measures
  • AR aids in educating the employees on different components of the machinery using mobile app
  • Virtual product & service manuals

  • Helps to track employees and assets within the premises
  • Tools tracking in vessels
  • Can track employees even during any mishap
  • Identify the time spent by employees at different places within the premises
  • Notification sent on gaining access to restricted areas
  • Can turn on/off unwanted electrical devices saving energy
  • Smart switching of electrical equipment can be controlled like air conditioner, light, etc.

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