• Understand buyer's emotions and interest level
  • Real-time reliable feedback system
  • To know the excitement levels of customer on various discounts
  • Prevent theft by spotting the shop lifter
Emotion & Behavior Analyzer
  • Engage your customers during non working hours
  • Provides a better experience to your customers by answering their queries
  • Helps to increase customer satisfaction level

  • Text/Voice based interaction making it easier for the customersy
  • Registered buyers are recognized and presented with recommendations
  • Guidance to the buyers in locating the goods
  • Helps to know on the availability
  • Takes a note of unavailable product searched product and reminds the buyer on the product availability
  • Gives a better in-store experience for the customers
  • Recommendations based on previous purchases and on newly introduced products
human avatar

  • Get your employees trained on different products
  • Provides customer a better virtual buying experience online

  • Real-time tracking of patients, doctors, assets and medical equipment
  • Helps in anomaly detection and guides patients within the hospital
  • Complete tracking is possible using a mobile app
  • Auto generated reports, 24/7 live tracking of floor activities
  • It eases hospital’s attendance system
  • Floor electrical equipment can be controlled like air conditioner, light, etc.

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