• Students are identified using Facial Recognition
  • Analyses emotions and behaviour of the students & teach-ers in a classroom
  • Monitor activities of teachers in grooming the kids
  • Helps to understand students interest and attentiveness
  • Provides data and reports to school management for better decision making
Emotion Analyzer

  • Helps teachers to educate students in a FUN way
  • Students feel that they are interacting with their favourite avatar
  • Helps student to focus on their activity
  • Teachers can educate students through playing videos, sharing pictures
  • Eliminate students fear, help them to come out freely and express themselves
human avatar

  • Understands what user says and assess the correctness of words/sentences to provide analytics
  • Workload of teachers gets re-duced
  • Less reliability on teachers and learn anytime anywhere
  • Increases students interest in learning new language
Virtual Avatar

  • Builds the network between students and passed out to share their industry knowledge, market needs, technical advancements and share professional experiences
  • Notifications on upcoming events, exams, results etc.

  • Acts as a virtual librarian
  • Helps to know book availability and navigate to its location
  • Notifies depending on your previous search when it be-comes available
  • Notification for autonomous checkout
  • Offers hassle free experience for the visitors and students

  • Gives a classroom/lab like feeling for the students
  • Helps the students in laboratory activities like experiments
  • Helps to raise engagement & increase knowledge
  • For physical abilities or who live in places that are hard to reach
  • Gives practical experience feel for the students like surgeries, machine operation, etc.

  • Real-time tracking of teachers, students and the assets available in gym, laboratories, library, playground, etc.
  • Tracking during commute in school bus from home to school and vice versa
  • It ease school’s attendance system
  • Parents can track their children using the mobile app
  • Floor electrical equipment can be controlled like fan, light, etc.
  • Helps to provide secure environment

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