• Patient are identified using Facial Recognition
  • Feedback are recorded based on the categorization
  • Works well with different ethnicities, dark complexion
  • Patient behavior analytics helps doctors in treating patient
  • Predictive analysis based on wrinkle patterns
Emotion Analyzer

  • Check your preferred doctor’s availability and book an appointment
  • Multi linguistic support
  • Analytics help improve serving patient/ doctor/ staffs
  • Supports voice interaction

  • Tracks key clinical values and share insights, suggestion with patient and clinics
  • Notifications and regular reports can be sent to private practitioners and caretakers
  • Helps to detect fall and calls for help immediately
  • Understands human emotions, facial expressions and patient mood
  • Tracking through IoT device and can be a non-camera device
  • Effective for Elderly care
  • Monitor temperature, blood pressure by integrating third party devices
  • Patients can indicate their pain through body image in the application

  • Helps Doctors to treat patient in a FUN way
  • Helps to treat children's, depressed patients and mentally disabled patients
  • Eliminate patients fear, helps them to express themselves freely
  • Doctors can educate patient through playing videos, sharing pictures
virtual avatar

  • Gives a classroom/ lab feel for the students
  • Helps students in laboratory activities like experiments
  • Improves engagement & knowledge retention
  • Acts as a guidance and recommendation system during surgeries
  • Train medical students on complex sur-geries

  • Real-time tracking of patients, doctors, assets and medical equipment
  • Helps in anomaly detection and guides patients within the hospital
  • Complete tracking is possible using a mobile app
  • Auto generated reports, 24/7 live tracking of floor activities
  • It eases hospital’s attendance system
  • Floor electrical equipment can be controlled like air conditioner, light, etc.

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